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SX50 / SALT-X vs. Salt-Away Comparative Product Test

A comparative test between two commercially available products for salt removal was made to determine what their effects in salt water would be upon commonly available nails. Salt-Away and SX50 were the two chosen products to be compared.

The test was set up using three containers.

After preparing the three containers, photos of all of them were taken. Photos were also taken per the following schedule:

The photos which immediately follow are those which were taken per this schedule.



After the end of the 30 day testing and final photos were taken, a second phase of the testing was started. This phase consisted of removing half of the solution from each container to expose the nails to more air. The lids were left off of the containers to maximize air exposure within the containers. This phase of the test demonstrates how these products perform with salt water in a common environment where metals normally are not fully immersed.

Any person can perform this test by purchasing the products involved and by following our guide lines. We invite you to conduct these tests to draw your own conclusions.

Salt Away vs Salt-X

Salt-X Lab Test Results

Salt-x, Sx50, D-SALT are not safe to use on Magnesium Alloys.

Warning don’t take the chance of damaging your late model outboard or inboard/outboard marine engine or expensive fishing reels and dive regulators, and voiding manufacture warranties.