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Protecting Your Yacht

Engine Protection for Inboards and Auxiliary engines

There are TWO different ways you can flush Salt-Attack Salt Remover through your inboard engine:

Auxiliary engines may be flushed in a flush bag filled with Salt-Attack Salt Remover.

Direct Injection Kit

The Salt-Attack Direct Injection Kit is designed for all moored Yachts with inboard/outboard motors to flush and protect your expensive marine engines without leaving the helm.

Salt-Attack Salt Remover unique formula protects your engine’s cooling system even when using salt water

It protects all open and closed circuit salt water cooling systems by injecting a 50/50 mixture of Salt-Attack and fresh water.

There are a number of different kit options available to suit your yachts set up, ranging from a single engine flush right up to twin engines and a gen sets plus air conditioning flush. We can also customise your kits to fit your exact set up.

The Salt-Attack Direct Injection Kit comes ready to install with wiring, tubing, quick connect fittings, designed to be drilled and tap into water strainer/water pump. Comes with easy to follow instruction manual.

The kit comes in two versions, wireless and non-wireless. Wireless model allows for easy installation and use as no wiring is needed forward of the motor as you control the unit remotely using the remote control supplied. Non-wireless kits come with 3 core wire and a rocker switch to be mounted at the helm.

The Salt-Attack Direct Injection Kit will connect to 12V power, and has an adjustable regulating valve. Once installed all you need to do is keep the reservoir topped up with Salt-Attack Salt Remover concentrate and flush your engine for 30 seconds after every use.

A Direct Injection Kit will save you time and maintenance costs on your yachts motor(s).

Fresh water hose connected to water in-take line using Salt-Attack mixer

  1. Attach a fresh water hose to the Salt-Attack mixer then connect hose and mixer to the engine cooling in-take pipe (before the water pump).
  2. Fill mixer cup with Salt-Attack Salt Remover.
  3. Turn mixer unit to “rinse” setting and flush engine with fresh water for 5 minutes.
  4. Turn Salt-Attack mixer unit to “Salt-Attack” setting and flush motor for 30-40 seconds. Turn engine off leaving the Salt-Attack in the engine’s cooling system to protect the motor.

We recommend our Salt-Attack Starter Kit.

Exterior Wash-down – Yachts and Tenders

Don’t let salt corrosion damage you valuable yacht and tenders, Salt-Attack Salt Remover is perfect for protecting your expensive toys from the corrosive action of Salt.

Salt-Attack Salt Remover unique formula includes specially designed corrosion inhibitors which continue to protect against corrosion after application. Salt-Attack Salt Remover is safe on all surfaces including all metals, plastics, rubbers, fiberglass, fabric, vinyl and other materials.

Simply use Salt-Attack Salt Remover in our mixer unit which attaches to garden hose for easy wash down.

Washing Instructions

  1. Fill mixer cup with Salt-Attack Salt Remover.
  2. Attach the mixer to a garden spray nozzle.
  3. Turn the mixer to the ‘rinse’ setting and give salt covered surfaces a quick pre-rinse.
  4. Turn the mixer to ‘Salt-Attack’ and spray a light coating of Salt-Attack over these areas. Lightly scrub any areas that have fish grime etc
  5. Finally turn the mixer to ‘rinse’ and with a heavy spray rinse down all areas. For extra protection to metal surfaces turn mixer to ‘Salt-Attack Salt Remover’ and recoat all metal areas such as winches, sails, capstans and chain and rope lockers. Don’t rinse off.

Salt-Attack Salt Remover is safe on all wiring and electrical equipment.

Cleaning Tips

Flush Bag For auxiliary engines

Flush auxiliary engines in a flush bag filled with Salt-Attack Salt Remover solution for 5mins.