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Preserving Your Investments: The Importance Solutions for Corrosion

The New Zealand coast is world-renowned as a wonderful place to live, work and play, and the boating, fishing, diving and water sports are definitely world-class. People flock to the coast over the summer months, and those lucky enough to experience this lifestyle all year round can confirm that it doesn’t get much better than this.

Residents, visitors and those industries and organisations that work along the coast, including the Royal NZ Navy, Defense Force & NZ Coastguard, all get to take advantage of the exceptional environment that characterises both islands of Aotearoa, and with the right tools and equipment, all of this can be enjoyed with very little downside.

One issue that does pop up in these areas is the need to protect assets and investments from constant exposure to salt water and salt air. While a little salt on the skin can make you feel alive, your property, road and marine vehicles, machinery, tools and equipment are all better off without this kind of exposure.

So, what kind of salt corrosion solutions should you utilise to preserve your investments? If you own property along the shore, a fleet of vehicles that service your clients in a coastal city or town, or you make your living or leisure on the ocean, you may be realising that there is a genuine need to have a solution at hand.

Here, we will discuss why salt corrosion solutions are important and highlight some points to consider when looking for the right product to preserve your investments.

Impact of Salt Corrosion 

When saltwater or sea air meets metal surfaces, it causes a reaction, and the surface will begin to deteriorate if it is not properly cleaned off, leading to salt corrosion. Saltwater residue on any surface will eventually cause that object to decay, including your aluminium windows and any other items left to sit after salt exposure. 

If your marine and road vehicles and the windows on your valuable coastal investment property are not regularly washed with a targeted salt corrosion solution that can remove build-up, you will find that decay is going to accelerate.

Something In The Air

While we all know it’s imperative to clean the boat or the jetski when we return from the beach, you may not realise how the salt air affects other items on your property. Living next to the coast has so many great benefits, but the air is laden with salt particles, and this blows inland, perhaps further than you realise. In fact, the Building Research Advisory NZ (BRANZ) estimates salt particles can be carried up to 20 km inland. 

Sea salt contains chlorides, and if you are not using a salt corrosion solution on your marine and road investments, decay can set in quite quickly.

Keep Your Motor Running

So, what is the best way to offset the damaging effects of saltwater and marine aerosols on your aquatic vehicles? When you get home after a day on the spray, the last thing you want to do is spend hours cleaning the boat – especially if you have fish to prepare. The best solution here is one that will largely take care of itself as it’s more likely it will get done. You should always start with your engine and choose a product that can be safely trapped within your engine’s cooling system.

Preserve Your Investments

When we talk salt corrosion solutions, you need to go deep. Correctly maintaining the engine on your boat will stop salt deposits from building up to the point where they block your cooling system, corrode internal components and eventually cause your engine to overheat when restricted water flow disrupts optimal heat exchange. 

Easy To Use Salt Corrosion Solutions

If you want to preserve your investments properly, you should treat your motor with a salt corrosion solution after every outing, and to ensure you don’t spend all night cleaning, use a product that you can mix automatically with your hose and attach to your flush muffs or flush port. 

Choose a product that can then be put to work on the rest of your gear with a simple change of attachment, and make sure you give your engine a 3-5 day consecutive flush out before you store your boat for winter.

Protect Your Fishing Gear 

An easy switch to cleaning your gear will ensure your dive and fishing equipment and your boat and trailer all get the attention they deserve to keep them in tip-top shape. When it comes to rods and reels, there is a particular approach that will ensure longevity and premium performance. 

Select a product that is safe to use across magnesium and alloy, and make sure you are cleaning your fishing equipment with a solution that is designed for use over fly lines, electric reels and braid or monofilament lines. 

Switching back and forth between different products doesn’t make sense, financially or timewise, so find a solution that can be applied across the board for swift, easy protection like our salt remover concentrate in NZ. 

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If you are ready to preserve your investments with simple-to-use, authentic salt corrosion products, browse our range now – or get in touch now to get some advice on the best product for your coastal lifestyle.