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PLANE FISH’n, Palm City, Florida USA

What a product! I have since used Salt-Away several times with the same results…

Although I have been boating for nearly 41 years, I have never used a product quite like Salt-Away.

Another forum member recommended it and as usual (with new products), I was skeptical.

I called the manufacturer and spoke with Lenora Meister who is the owner. Lenora guided me through the process spanning from manufacturing, lab testing, how the product interacts with the salt, development & shipment and finally, what it can do for my boat.

She then answered every single question that I had. I explained to Lenora that others on the forum have used other household products such as vinegar and Zep Orange with excellent results for salt removal. Lenora then explained that SaltAway not only removes the salt but it removes other things like fish blood and other dirt components. Now, I was really skeptical.

I went to West Marine and purchased a gallon of the product along with the dispenser (a necessity as it puts out a ratio of 512:1) and embarked on trying this out on my new 2010 TwinVee OceanCat with twin Suzuki 150 hp 4strokes.

After a hard day of fishing and getting the boat salted and bloodied up, I had a prime day to test the Salt-Away product.

I first flushed the engines, let the thermostats open and noticed the foam coming out of the exhaust. Flushing now uses much less water than before.

I then rinsed the boat with water (not sure if this next step is necessary but old habits are tough to break) and then used the Salt-Away.

You don’t wash with Salt-Away… you just apply and let it drip dry. The engine covers being black easily showed all the caked up salt. After the application and letting it dry, the salt was gone! Same with the boat and blood.

What a product! I have since used Salt-Away several times with the same results.

Anytime I find a new product that does what it claims, I want to let my fellow forum members know about it.

Cheers, Eric
PLANE FISH’n, Palm City, Florida USA