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Fishing World: Salt-Attack review

LIKE many other ocean-minded Aussies, I’m into most activities that take place in, on and around the water. The investment in this passion – boats, fishing gear, boards, wetsuits and more – is nothing to sneeze at, so it’s important to look after your gear if you want it to last.

The marine environment is particularly harsh on equipment. As we all know, if you don’t remove all the salt from your gear after a day on the water, the combined effects of UV sunlight and salt water quickly take hold.

I’d always found Salt-Away to be ideal for washing my boat and flushing the engine. Over the years, a number of other products have entered the market under various names; each claiming to better than the next. I’ve tried most of them and found they all delivered comparable results, with no real standout winner.

Enter Salt-Attack…

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