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Colin T.

My mechanics at Bay Marine Tauranga said this was one of the cleanest salt free engines they had seen… The guys now also use Salt-Away in their motors.

Hi folks my name is Colin Tecofsky. I am the owner/operator of a charter boat in Tauranga. I just wanted to let you know that I first saw your product Salt-Away being demonstrated at the Tauranga boat show in 2005 and after talking to the people and watching the demonstrations on the stand I purchased some to try. As stated I have a small alloy boat in charter and it is powered by Twin Mercury out boards.

Washing boats at any time is a pain in the arse but I am constantly amazed at how effective Salt- Away is, no need to change product just flush your engine as per instructions, clip on the wand and wash your trailer and boat and you’re finished. Now there is a couple of reasons I am letting you know how happy I am with this product.

My boat is serviced every 100 hours and at 400 hrs I got the mechanics at Bay Marine Tauranga to check the water ways in one engine to see what salt build up was present not something that you would usually do at a service but since they needed to replace a rubber grommet at the top of the drive shaft it meant the power head had to be lifted.

Long story short, they were amazed at the condition of the water way channels it still had the original factory coating they spray on when they assemble the engines. They asked me how I cleaned the motors and I told them I ran the motors with fresh water for around 2-3min and then ran Salt away through them for 30-40 seconds, that’s it. They both commented that this was one of the cleanest salt free engines they had seen. I am pleased to tell you that as a result of that the guys now also use Salt away in their motors.

I was recently told about a product that has a similar name to your product and was lead to believe it was better and cheaper than Salt-Away so like anyone now days price has a big part to play when buying especially when you use it most days the amount adds up. Well I actually bought a 1 litre pack to try. The person I dealt with told me you use it the same way as Salt-Away. Well what a disappointment. Now to be fair, I used it as per the instructions and what I noticed the next day was salt crystals on the motors and also where water drips from the holes above the cavitation plates?? Next day same thing.

OK, I wondered if I was letting it get to diluted and so when I had flushed the engines. I refilled the mixer and sprayed the boat with a mixer full. Same result, salt crystals dried all over the boat. I persevered until I had used the 1 litre container then went back and mentioned this to the people concerned and was told it was ONLY engine flush and I needed to use a different form of their product to wash the boat and trailer.

Cheaper it may be, I don’t care if it doesn’t get salt off the boat. I don’t see how it can from inside the engines. IMHO this product is no way as good or as effective as Salt-Away in removing salt build up from my boat and motors.

I haven’t been asked or prompted in any way to write this I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Salt-Away.

Best regards,

Colin T.